We’re Celebrating 20 years!

We’re Celebrating 20 years!

Chris Wenzel

Alexssa turns 20 years old this year and we find ourselves filled with gratitude for the wonderful clients and team members that continue to make Alexssa so incredibly successful and one of the fastest growing IT providers in Wisconsin.

My background in business management and processes along with a real interest in automation and computing led me to start Alexssa in 1995 with a focus on providing internet access to business and residential clients. I named the company after my two daughters Alexandria and Alyssa (Alex+ssa) and ordered the phone number 262-338-ERIC, and our first server was named Adam. I chose a terrific partner, a dear friend of mine, David Rogne who specialized in software development for manufacturing and provided computer services. We made our business plan and incorporated in 1997. We proceeded to setup a datacenter to host email servers, websites and to provide internet. The internet is a network of routers, switches, servers and firewalls on a large scale so it was a natural expansion for Alexssa to provide networks and IT Services to business.

Our mission is to be your “Partner in Productivity”. This is how we see the relationship, a true partnership with the clients that we serve. By offering SmartIT bundled services, we provide a worry-free complete IT solution. We use state of the art software and technology to provide the most efficient and seamless service. With a click of a button, you can submit a service request or question to our friendly dispatcher. We offer “Live Chat”, or text our main phone number 262-338-3742 for support and “We are on it”!

Our sophisticated monitoring tools watch your systems around the clock and alert us of potential failures and future problems. Having advanced notice allows us to remote-in or come on-site to proactively remedy issues before they impact productivity.

It’s remarkable how far Alexssa has come - from a start-up internet company to a highly skilled IT service provider offering a diverse set of solutions to businesses and organizations. Our capabilities include; solution design services and consultation for local and cloud servers, networks and firewalls, phone systems, multi-function printers and managed print services, security and compliance certification, state of the art surveillance systems with analytics, workstations, backups and business continuity solutions and more. As your partner, we design solutions that you need, not what we have. There are no sales commissions at Alexssa which keeps our team focused on the correct solutions and on our partnership. Our diverse experience in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to retail saves you time and money. Whether you are a small office or a large complex manufacturing firm, our team can help you navigate the IT challenges your company faces every day.

We live in a world where threats are increasing daily, 40% of businesses are severely impacted by security breaches, data loss or viruses. Is your business protected? Our “Security First” culture combined with our proven designs and processes reduce your risk, protect your data, give you a business continuity plan, freeing you to focus on running your businesses organizations.

Here at Alexssa, we pride ourselves in our values and how we treat our customers. Themes of “finish what you start”, “be on time” and say “please and thank you” are engrained in all our actions and efforts. We also enjoy calling downtown West Bend our home. We are involved in the community and will be hosting Music on Main in Downtown West Bend on June 29th. Come join us and say Hi!

We want to thank our loyal customers for a terrific 20 years. Ensuring your success is why we come to work every day. We are honored to be your “Partner in Productivity” and look forward to the next 20 years!

If you would like more information on any of the services or products Alexssa offers, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.