Technology is here to stay

Technology is here to stay

Here we are entering the “Internet of Things” (IoT) era. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging. How exciting is that? Many of you own or manage businesses and are faced with the challenge of integrating these new and innovative technologies into your business and workflows. The goal is to exploit technology to improve your products or service delivery and client experience while also controlling your thermostat. We find that technology really does enhance our capabilities, simplifies our processes and automates our systems.

The savvy businessperson knows that to be relevant in the marketplace it is necessary to adopt many of the newer technologies while securing and protecting the current infrastructure. With a greater reliance on technology comes a greater responsibility to plan. Ask yourself the important questions; How will we handle an outage? Or what about a server failure? Is it safer in the cloud? Where is our data? Should we hire IT staff? Should we outsource IT or let the office manager’s kid handle it?

The answer to these questions begins with admitting that technology is here to stay! Once we realize this truth and decide to take advantage of automation and opportunities, we need a plan.
The most cost-effective path is to hire an IT Services Provider to manage your technology. A good IT provider will save you time and money. A good provider will protect your data, increase your productivity and create a contingency plan for you, while securing your systems from the increasing threats associated with adopting technology. A good provider will provide a cross-trained and managed “team” of individuals ready to tackle your IT needs at any moment. Recently, we on-boarded a new client with 17 servers. We took over for an on-staff single IT person. None of the servers were being backed up. Luck is the only thing that saved this company.

As a business leader, you know that there are “soft” costs to consider. Standardizing on the right technologies (“Best Practices”) increases your productivity. Trying to save money by utilizing the tempting low cost solution typically costs much more when considering lost labor and reduced productivity.

In every industry, we can agree that having the right tool for the job is necessary. You can chop down the tree with a hammer, which may take two weeks. Chop it down with an ax and it takes two hours. As a technology provider, we meet individuals that still use the hammer. In my opinion technology is here to stay and those who embrace it, and have a security and contingency plan, succeed.