Achieving your technology ROI

Achieving your technology ROI

Achieving your technology ROI (Return on Investment) - September 13, 2018

What are your expectations for technology in your business? Are they as high as your aspiration to grow? How do you perceive expenditures when it comes to technology? Are you spending, or are you investing?

These are important questions. When we invest, we expect a return. What is the shortest path to that return? The answers to these questions are often found in analyzing your processes. Technology can help you improve your processes by saving steps. We all want to do more in less time. Today we expect information to be at our fingertips, and so do our customers.

Our businesses are now completely dependent on technology, making it crucial to have an IT department to help turn your vision into reality, while also protecting you from the threats that exist. You cannot afford disruption to your success. You need better systems and processes to compete in the marketplace.

At Alexssa, we help you achieve a return on investment. We work together with you to achieve your vision. We provide you with your own IT department at a lower cost than doing it yourself. Our focus is your success.

Recently, we worked with a prospect that spent a lot of time – six months – making the decision to hire us as his IT department. One day he finally signed up at 10 am, and the same day at 1:30 pm, he had a critical systems failure. We were able to quickly restore his company to normal because six months earlier – at our expense – we had designed and implemented a system to protect his company. We knew that he was vulnerable, and protecting him and his company was more important to us than getting paid.

Our own investment paid off and prevented days of disruption, and so did his. Today we are the IT department for this business. We work together to achieve the company’s vision. Our success has always been focusing on what you need and what you want, rather than what we have. This story is one of many examples of what makes us unique. At Alexssa, we have no sales commissions. We do not reward selling stuff. Our success is your success. Let’s see if we can help you by scheduling a call now.