Cloud File Sharing

Access files from anywhere to make sure work never stops

The great thing about cloud computing is that it has freed employees from their work computer. With Cloud File Sharing from Alexssa, files can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection avoiding the need for costly or annoying trips to the office just to access a single file. Storing your files in the cloud also means you’re safeguarded against losing everything should a disaster such as a flood wipe out your office because the files are also stored offsite.

Cloud File Sharing from Alexssa gives your business:

  • Improved Productivity - Employees can work on files remotely meaning they can stay productive even when they’re on the road
  • Customization - We will create a service plan that meets the needs of your business so you don’t overpay for storage you don’t use
  • Scalability - Your storage can grow with your company so you always have the space you require
  • Security - We do everything in our power to protect your data from unauthorized access

Cloud File Sharing can help take your company’s productivity to the next level. Not only do we offer 24/7 monitoring of your data but we’ll also make sure it’s backed up so nothing ever goes missing.