Hosted Services

The software you need without the responsibility

In order to succeed it is imperative your business has the most up-to-date and high-performance software. However, the high prices and troublesome management associated with said software can make it a less than desirable option for some companies. Alexssa has found a solution with its Hosted Services. We will manage your applications and their hardware infrastructure. You get the software your business needs to achieve results and we’ll take care of the rest. Best of all, it’s available for a low monthly fee.

We offer Hosted Solutions for some of the best software including:

  • Hosted Intuit QuickBooks – To ease the burden of financial and accounting matters
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – To ensure the reliability and safety of your emails
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint – To promote teamwork and simplify collaboration
  • Custom Application Hosting – A tailor-made service and support system for your individual business needs

If you want the latest technology solutions without the hassles and expense of doing it yourself then get in touch with us. Hosted Services from Alexssa will give you access to the software you need minus the large capital outlays.