Hosted Services

The software you need without the responsibility

Avoid expensive licenses and maintenance fees as we host enterprise-class programs for you

In order to succeed, it is imperative that your business employs the most up-to-date and high-performance software on the market. However, the high prices and troublesome management associated with said software can make it a less-than-desirable option for some companies. To address this, Alexssa offers Hosted Services to give you access to the software that your business needs to achieve results.

For a low monthly fee, you get the latest software, as well as round-the-clock management and maintenance so you don’t need to lift a finger. If you want the latest technology solutions without the hassles and expense of doing it yourself, get in touch with us. Hosted Services from Alexssa will give you access to the apps you need minus the large capital outlays.

We offer Hosted Solutions for some of the best software, including:

  • Hosted Intuit QuickBooks – to ease the burden of financial and accounting matters
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – to ensure email security and reliability
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint – to promote teamwork and simplify collaboration
  • Custom Application Hosting – a tailor-made service and support system for your specific business needs

Advanced technologies are now within arm’s reach through our low-cost, third-party hosting services.

Cloud File Sharing

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Google G Suite

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Office 365

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