Office 365

Get the best from Microsoft Office with more flexibility

Enjoy greater accessibility to the Office applications your employees need to use on a daily basis including Microsoft Word and Excel with Office 365 solutions from Alexssa. When you switch over to Office 365 you’ll enjoy improved collaborative capabilities and greater freedom to work when you want, where you want as you’re no longer tied to one device.

With Office 365 from Alexssa your business will enjoy:

  • Anytime Access - Use Office applications anywhere from any device
  • Deployment Flexibility - Use Web Apps in the cloud through Office 365, or deploy it in-house depending on your needs
  • Constant Collaboration - Multiple users have the ability to edit documents in real time
  • Publishing Options - Office documents can be embedded into blogs or webpages

Unchain yourself from your desk with Office 365. Your employees will benefit from anytime access to applications they’re familiar with. For a low monthly price you’ll also receive the latest software releases for Office 365 and 24/7 support from Alexssa.

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