IT Security

Without protection in place, your company will be an easy target

Now more than ever small and medium-sized companies must have the proper security measures in place to ensure they don’t become a victim of data loss. Whether it is from a storm that knocks your servers offline or hackers who infiltrate your business through a suspicious email, your business can’t afford to have its important files and customer data go missing. Alexssa understands this and is able to offer a range of security measures to safeguard your company from the growing number of threats that can occur at any moment.

IT Security services from Alexssa include:

  • Data Backup/Business Continuity - If data does go missing, we can have backups available right away to ensure your business stays up and running
  • Email and Spam Solutions - Make sure hackers aren’t able to enter your company’s systems through email
  • Network Security - Threats to your network are identified and removed before they can make their way into your system

If you have concerns about your company’s security or simply want to increase the amount of protection you have in place, then get in touch. We have helped businesses of all sizes find the security they needed to achieve peace of mind and keep their company safe.

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