Security Awareness Training

Get your team trained to ensure security and avoid man-made disasters

Prepare your team for all kinds of cyberattacks through a comprehensive security training program.

Your employees could unknowingly put your organization at risk. Simply handing out a cybersecurity memo won't cut it anymore. Proper, professional training led by security specialists can turn your weakest link into strong cybersecurity protection.

Alexssa has the globe’s biggest archive of security awareness training content at our disposal. This includes a number of newsletters, videos, posters, games, and interactive modules that will help instill the importance of security to your team.

Our Security Awareness Training and Testing comes with:

  • New smart groups – develop training assignments, phishing campaigns, remedial learning, and reporting according to your team’s behavior and user attributes
  • Tailored phishing templates – use our existing templates or customize events based on personal information to devise more targeted spear phishing campaigns
  • Simulated attachments – include simulated files in your tailored phishing templates, available in PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word formats
  • Unlimited use – enjoy unlimited access to all our phishing features and content library of over 500+ sources

And at the end of the training, we’ll give you a detailed report revealing valuable insight into your business. It will not only help maximize training Return on Investment (ROI), but also keep you up to date with security compliance. If you want to know more about our security training program, get in touch with us! We’ll even give you a live product demonstration of the platform today.

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