PCI & HIPAA Assessments

Avoid data breaches and penalties by identifying your compliance gaps

Take the first step towards achieving PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance

The Target breach of 2013 and the Anthem Blue Cross data breach of 2015 have both taught us one thing — data breaches are expensive. Fortunately for both companies, they had the resources to cover the losses and recover from the incident. However, not all businesses do.

This is why Alexssa offers PCI & HIPAA Assessments, so you can determine your compliance status and start protecting your business from data loss. Our assessments will provide you with the information that you need to achieve and maintain compliance including an in-depth review of your policies and processes and recommendations on strengthening vulnerabilities.

Signing up for Alexssa’s PCI & HIPAA Assessments mean:

  • Boosting customer confidence – keep clients’ payment data or healthcare information safe from hackers
  • Setting security standards – assessments will provide the baseline from where you can begin your cybersecurity protocols
  • Avoiding litigations and fines – reduce liabilities such as customer lawsuits, third-party lawsuits, government fines, card brand fines, and others

Build your PCI & HIPAA compliance on a solid foundation. Sign up for our assessments to know where you stand today.

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